Welcome to Game Development Wiki!

Mission StatementEdit

Game Development Wiki was created for the purpose of archiving tutorials to create any single form of game in the most concise, updated, and easy-to-understand way for anyone to learn from and create their own games.

What does it provide?Edit

Game Development Wiki provides:

  • Basic to advanced knowledge of SDL
  • Basic knowledge of DirectX
  • Very basic information of C, C++ and Java related to game programming. Knowledge of the languages is required because it is not a language referecence, but a short description of how to implement data structures and functions regarding to games.

# Tutorials for every form of game possible, including:

  • Sports
  • Electronic Games
  • Card Games
  • And more!

The above is not applyable because the user who would write that is gone. I keep it here if he comes back someday. Note: I don't like to delete other users' work

  • Knowledge of the structures and data required to make basic games like Arkanoid and puzzle games. Although this wiki was originally intended to provide information for every type of game possible, the actual adopter does not know all this information, thus limiting to easy games.
  • Tutorials for every form of game possible.
  • Resources for materials

Article OrganizationEdit

Naturally, Game Design and Development is such a broad field, especially if it's going to include even Sports and other forms of game medium. This Wiki aims to keep it as organized and easy-to-find as possible.

For example, when working with PC games, there is a myriad of languages that can be used. They should be cataloged with all of their own tutorials and how to do any sort of thing for that language. For example, Ray Casting is a principle that can be applied to any programming language, but there should be a tutorial for Ray Casting on all languages anyway. And even then, there is more, such as how to port between systems.

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